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   Along with the choice and quality installation, service is one of the most important factors in the stable operation of any equipment. Even the most reliable equipment requires timely and efficient service, for which often draws the attention of the consumer and manufacturer. Consequently, there is a need for periodic complex activities that maintain the required level of reliability of the equipment, ie service (CO). Timely delivery of service allows you to troubleshoot parts found in the early stages, which makes it possible to pre-empt with equipment failure or incorrect operation, and significantly improves fault tolerance and MTBF. Service support for their products try to provide all the leading manufacturers in the industry. It is primarily aimed at maintaining originally reliable equipment in good condition and always ready for use. This factor is not for nothing is one of the main components of the reputation of the manufacturer and is often one of the criteria for choosing a particular brand of equipment.

    Engineering staff,  "Modern engineering network Ltd." supports its customers remotely, over the phone, as well as, if necessary, leaving for work at the installation site. According to statistics, the vast majority of equipment malfunctions can be removed without leaving his place of installation. Diagnosis and adjustment of work carried out at the same time through the use of remote monitoring systems or over the phone, interacting with the customer's personnel. While minimizing time troubleshooting and resolution, and consequently and downtime.

    Modern network engineering company highly values ??its reputation as a reliable supplier and installer of equipment, as well as a trusted developer of engineering decisions. Therefore, we provide our clients with comprehensive support and maintenance of all equipment used in projects implemented by us.